Halo Mega Blocks 2017 Set Ideas

So I have some ideas for the halo mega blocks 2017 sets (or some 2016 sets if they need ideas) Disclaimer: I understand This might not be the best place to put this post but oh well. I have 2 ideas for mega blocks sets in 2016/2017. either some SOS (swords of sanghelios) version of vehicles and figures. There would be sets containing mostly SOS sets but some normal covenant sprinkled in. Or we could go for the warzone sets. We haven’t seen many building based sets i a while and i think it would be good. The sets would include some bosses like serpent hunters or other things, also including spartans from red and blue. Or we could do that last option which is a mixture of both. This is my personal favorite. Here is an example. A set including a couple of spartans from blue and red, a scenery bit and a banshee raider (SOS banshee) or a set with commander lokagos and some red and blue spartans with a scenery bit. If you dont like these ideas put vote none, and give me you suggestions below!