Halo mcc xbox one freeze

Hi everyone my name is eduardo and i discovered something that it has been a while but i cant solve it, well as you read it the tittle.
when i press start the game complete crash and closes after a horrible sound of crashing, but if i do log into another account and do the same process well it works perfectly.
I deleted my data
i restarted the console
i uninstalled and re installed the game twice and nothing, i swear nothing is working, i can play just with another account with e-mail.
so, the last thing to do was to come here to the halo community forums to search and seek for a posible solution.

dont get confused im not talking about “guest” accounts.

If somebody in this bigger community find out or already finded out a solution that works for him please let me know, ill be so happy to help others with the same problem if i see them posting the same thing.

i started to play halo 1 when i was 11 years old, on my old trusty black xbox. please comment when you started to play this amazing saga.

We have no proper fix from 343 yet. The only thing you can do is this. Otherwise try to log out from the Xbox App in other devices if present.