Halo: MCC UI Feedback

In Since Halo 2, the UI and it’s functionality has been extremely important to Halo. One thing Bungie was good at, was making a simple, well functioning and good looking UI.
Reach and Halo 2 have the best examples of UI. Rosters were easily accessible and joining games was quick and easy. Necessary information to know who was in a game, their rank, a quick look at their character and stats. It all flowed nicely.
Now Halo 4 and MCC on the other hand have had extremely poor and clunky UI. They are nice to look at, but when it came down to sifting through large boxes of categories that moved and slid around everywhere, it became irritating. There is simply to much going on with all the pictures and layers to the menus. The readdition of the roster was really nice and added a slightly faster way to your friends and that is a step forward. The rest of the UI look like a deck of cards laid out for use with Kinect or like it tried to be some sort of Windows 8 metro theme. Remember these are controllers we are using to find our way through the screen, not kinect or touch screen.

  • Take Cues from Reach and Halo 2’s UI and for Halo 5, create a simple UI that doesn’t clog up the screen. - Quick roster is important. Don’t flood it with player cards and pictures, we just need information.- Game options and map selections only need to be a list with maybe a quick preview of what we are going to that is unintrusive. Again, the card shuffling theme looks messy.- Tone down of the animated transitions. Keep it simple.

Reach and Halo 2 yes were the best. Even with the new Avatars and other new features this is got to be the WORST UI in a game I have played. Press X to see lobby player details? LMFAO

That isn’t even a bug. It was intended.

Hopefully this can be caught early enough to change in Halo 5 before launch. A UI might seem trivial to some, but it defines what we see and how we see it.