Halo MCC: UCR Clan Recruiting!

Hello, I am the leaders of a halo clan that started back on halo reach. We are currently recruiting as we did a reset in our community. The clan is a military based clan on halo MCC. We follow military ranks and branches, along with special forces. In the clan we will do: training, fun custom games, map building competitions, tournaments, race leagues, machiniman and other various videos, meetings, raids, and so on. It is a lot of fun. If you are a person looking for new friendships and a community to play with, then this is for you. To get in you must pass an easy boot camp that takes roughly about 20-30 minutes and is very easy. After you will be placed into your squad to fulfill your duties as a member. Meetings are twice a week, training is twice a week and custom game lobbies are set up whenever. For more information please go to www.ucrhalo.webs.com where you can contact us and post in our forums. Or for more information regarding other things you can contact me on xbox- GhostHostPro, on Twitter- @ghosthostproductions, or my email- zingkrew@live.com. Thank you- GhostHostPro

Oh hell yeah man! I am in!

Can my team scrim you guys on MCC?