Halo MCC Suddenly lost my File Share

I logged out my profile in MCC, which somehow gave me my file share back.
Don’t know how, but still, leaving this up in case someone else has this happen. Not to mention we need more than 50 files for 4 games, like seriously, that’s too small.

When I logged on, I decided to make some space in my private files. Since we still only have 50 files for 4 whole games (still), so I decided to check my file share to make sure I still had a copy of some maps. Good thing I checked cause now my file share has nothing in it. 150 slots, no maps, no gametypes. Just nothing. I had just deleted some of my old maps I brought over so I could make some new maps, and now they’re gone. The last thing I did on my file share was delete what look like a duplicate map, but idk what caused this. I may have lost more maps cause I intended my file share to be a back up, so I could make new stuff and keep my old stuff.

TLDR: My file share is gone, lost my old maps, we need more that 50 files for 4 games, and the file share is a terrible back up.

Same. Am having the same situation and I am piss