Halo MCC Stats: Reach bug

Just really wanted to stress here how broken the MCC stats are on both Halo Waypoint and MCC. They seemed to be working fine on the normal game and the stats I have seemed to add up every game when I would refresh, but ever since the addition of halo reach (and I actually think that it’s just halo reach) that this was a problem. My KD was at about a 2.8 before I got halo reach. Not it’s a 2.17, and I’ve been watching the stats each game to see if they add up and they don’t. I played a halo reach invasion game and went 40 and 11 and my stats added 40 to my kills and deaths. Then I played halo 4 to see if there was a difference. Went 22 and 2 and the stats added up just fine. Then I switched back to reach, played infection and went 29 and 3. It added 29 to both kills and deaths. Please 343 I’m begging you I get it the goal is to have fun but please make it so at least the stats aren’t completely wrong. And honestly with how I’ve been doing even though it’s absurdly high i trust the 3.29 kd is says I have on waypoint more than the 2.1 I have on the actual game.


I have found two additional stat bugs, which while aren’t Reach related are still an issue that I hope are resolved:

  • Highest difficulty completed for Halo 3’s campaign in career / player details just says “unplayed” when viewing or even comparing with friends regardless of who it is. - Also when comparing all stats via player details for me the Total Time Played always says 596 hours for my friend and 593 hours for me.

Yea it’s ridiculous the number of stat issues in this game. What’s even stranger is I used to check them on waypoint but they would never update so I just stopped because it didn’t seem like it was factoring in every game, but just recently since I’ve started to recheck and refresh it’s now updating completely correctly even with reach. So my kd is progressing accurately on waypoint now but I think there’s a lot of unaccounted for kills and deaths from it previously not working properly, but either way I’m glad that I can at least look at it somewhat positively now. Even my reach invasion rank on competitive is updated accurately on there now so I guess that’s good. Guess I’ll just have to estimate that my kd is somewhere between my Mcc stats and waypoint stats. Not gonna lie tho when I keep playing reach and I go to look at Mcc and my kd is below 2 it’s gonna bother the hell out of me lol just cause I know it’s bs but oh well

I’m having the same problem just posted about this same bug .