Halo MCC Season Challenges Bugged

Tried completing the "because you begged " challenge which requires one to jump from a fatal high place and assassinate an elite in halo reach. There is an achievement for doing this in MCC which I just got but unfortunately the challenge didn’t compete which both the achievementand challengego hand and hand, I did this challenge on both my friends accounts and the achievement popped and the challenge completed. So it’s glitches and all I ask is to fix it and give this to me already since I spent 3 days trying to fix the issue and redoing the assassination over and over. Im not the first to complain about this bug

Hey OP, to keep things tidy and save a million threads on this:

if you are on PC please see this thread:

For Xbox you can use this thread:

Also worth reading over the latest info from 343 about the challenge: