Halo MCC ranking issue/343 Incompetence

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This morning, I logged into Halo MCC to play some Halo 3 MLG Team Doubles (I think that 343 calls it “hardcore”), and did not even attempt to play Halo 3 Team Arena, which I had a 44 in. I just logged back in, after not playing Arena at all today, and had been demoted to a 40. Besides the various issues with this game (incorrect spawns, host advantage, a generally toxic community of players, hostbooters, connection troubles in general, the matchmaking bans), I at least thought they fixed the ranking system, but apparently not. Am I the only one who has had this issue? I’ve been playing Halo 3 since 2007, and haven’t found another game nearly as entertaining. 343 Industries has made consistently terrible Halo games, and if I can’t even play a ranked halo playlist and keep my rank, I’m just going to delete the game and play social slayer on classic Halo 3. I would rather deal with horrible lag than this horrible 343 product. I honestly hope that this company gets shut down, they have thoroughly ruined the only good video game series I’ve ever found. Thanks.