Halo MCC Population

What’s going on with the population? can’t find any matchs in ranked or social but only finding people in firefight. This is going to make ranked/social challenges impossible. I get Infinite is out but surely people are still playing this game. Normally population issues happen earlier in the day and as far as I can tell it’s peak times and finding nothing.

In maybe 4-5 hours found not a single PVP related match and was able to play firefight for 2 matchs. So guessing this week population is now mostly dead due to Infinite and custom challenges are practically impossible at the moment because of this. :pensive:

Wanted to be helpful to be able to cheer myself up due to how depressing Infinite’s premium system is and I can’t even play MCC online today. :slightly_frowning_face:


Most are playing the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta that went live. So the population took a big hit. I have found some FFA games with H2A and H4 with all games but swat selected in the composer.

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Hopefully it’s sorts itself out over the weekend. Just means I’ll have to play something else for now.

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I’ve still been finding games pretty fast in Reach.


I found games pretty easy in the H2A 4v4. Got a lot of challenges knocked out. Just need two more for the PvP 500k xp challenge.

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Just wish that was true for me too but sadly seems dead on my side.

I’m still finding games just fine as it was before. Even found a couple of H2C matches. It’s still the launch week for multiplayer but things will eventually settle down.

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I think I was having a bad day. Found a ranked match just now.

Edit: Hard to tell with this game. Sometimes it seems like never ending wait times. Only got 1 game and back to waiting. :frowning:

Play 4’s. I found games and completed almost all of my challenges in them.

This happens to me too sometimes and it is really frustrating. Occasionally when I’m waiting I look at my recent players list and it shows several of them in a brand new game almost instantly and I’m like well why couldn’t I be put into a new game instantly!?

Yeh know what you mean since it can be pretty irritating. Sometimes it feels like the game is just giving out random penalties without any actual penalty. I have seen people get kicked for griefing in-game then 2 seconds later there in another game while I finish my game and end up waiting a while to find my next one. Got to a point where I just watch a video and hope it finds a game soon when it happens. :thinking:

Give it a week or two and people will come back to the MCC.


Halo Infinite just came out, and unlike previous installments, this one is free to play and downloadable online, so you don’t get as many people hanging back playing the older games because they cannot afford or go out to buy the new game. The only people playing older Halo games are the people who choose to not play Infinite, which will be decisively in the minority at this time.

You may have to wait a little while before the population recovers to any degree. It looks like Infinite will be good and has been received favourably by the community, so you probably won’t see people drop it and return en mass to MCC any time soon, unless 343 do something to screw it up or ignore the criticisms.

But over time, I think people will feel nostalgia for the older games, or want to play them with friends, and Infinite won’t be the hot new product anymore but rather just another Halo game. Being the latest and most easily accessible, it is probably going to retain the top spot but I doubt it will be the all-consuming void of player population that it is right now for other games.

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In it’s current state I can’t and won’t. I’d go as far as saying I despise everything about the unlock system in Infinite and I hate that there blocking content…meanwhile I can unlock everything without restrictions in MCC.

If Halo is going to continue with the path that there taking with the unlocks being similar to Infinite then I don’t care about future unlocks in Infinite, onwards since not interested in just tolerating it. Part of me wants Infinite to flop because of 343i’s poor decision making while hoping MCC thrives just so that 343i knows what they’ve done wrong and learn from it but that doesn’t mean I’ll avoid the Infinite campaign.

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Don’t worry, give it time. These games in the collection are classics. People tend to return to them.

Honestly I’ve been speculating for months now on one big question: What if 343 makes a microtransaction system so egregious it actually turns people away from the game even if the gameplay is god tier? Well that’s what we’re seeing.

I think I have my answer though: MCC is/was being updated to make it a “fallback” game, in fact I’d be willing to bet all the armor I unlocked playing the Infinite beta, that 343 KNEW their Shop and Battlepass system would be hated but went ahead with it anyway out of greed.

I say this because I look back at the H5 Mister Chief ad promoting Reqs and the Req system, and it’s basically just Mister Chief in place of 343 insulting any fan who questioned the balance of the game, either that or outright ignored them, much as 343 did throughout most of Halo 5.

HOWEVER! The MCC team is NOT part of the 343 that did this, the MCC team is passionate, understanding, and pretty darn good at making new content for older games. Which is why I believe 343 took the MCC team and meged it with the Infinite team for the time being, they saw the MCC team not as equals, but as a threat, and they would have been right, MCC would have destroyed Infinite simply because MCC doesn’t rely on microtransactions, let alone the shady trash 343 put into Infinite.

My point is players will be in the honeymoon phase with Infinite for the next couple of months, then slowly trickle back to MCC. Infinite will bleed players over time as it seems the Infinite Team didn’t learn anything from the mistakes made with Halo 5.

Yeh that does make sense. I guess 34i3i know that there’s a chance putting greed before players enjoyment would hurt 343i in the long run. Yeh I remember the patronising Halo 5 REQ video that they made and it was insulting/offensive and they never apologised for that since they tried to make the fans seem like idiots.

Yeh it does seem like the MCC team that helped fix and update MCC seem to care more than the Halo 5/Infinite team that don’t seem to care or respect the fanbase. Far as I’m concerned MCC is already doing a better job at beating Infinite due to it being a better game overall and more respectful. At the end of the day 343i forced this and pushed me more back to MCC and 343i did this due to their greed and lack of respect to the community.

Exactly! Like I said I’ll stop by Infinite for Fracture Events and checking out future updates, but my GO-TO game is gonna be MCC, with Halo 5 as a close second. I like Super Fiesta and I’m not ashamed to admit it.


The Halo population is now being pulled in too many directions. Halo 5: Guardians is still active and has its own multiplayer environment, Infinite is going and the MCC has 5 multiplayer and firefight modes. multiply those 5 by 3 (social, ranked and firefight) and no wonder it is hard getting a match!

Well sure but the poor progression system is probably going to slow kill long Infinite population. I used to play any modern new Halo every day when they come out but since 343i pulled the predatory premium battle pass I’ve barely been playing and mainly doing MCC for challenges. Infinite is the first Halo I dropped in a matter of days. Heck I liked the multiplayer for Infinite but the systems in place has put me off more than Halo 4 despite Halo 4 pvp being worse. I think MCC population struggles often but I think it’s slowly going back to normal or at least what’s considered normal for MCC’s population. :thinking: