HALO MCC PC Overseas

Good evening all,
I am stationed overseas (Japan) originally from the US just here in the military, I was wondering if MCC is not well supported out here? I’ve been stationed here for 3 and a half years, I’ve played HALO almost 15 years by now, and it’s kind of a bummer how far HALO has come and how much I’ve missed out on, I stopped owning an Xbox and halo overall due to the lack of support I’ve been experiencing out here until recently that it so conveniently came out on PC, I started playing again. But even then finding games out here is so hard, I have to literally wait minutes to be able to play at least 5 games within a 40 minute span, is HALO just not supported overseas or is there a workaround through this? I am extremely disappointed because of how much I’ve missed out on, heavily considering abandoning the franchise just due to how disappointing this is, not to compare it to CoD or other games, but games such as APEX, CoD, PUBG, seem to work so well out here it, with HALO being my only favorite FPS this just really seems to be upsetting to me and those of us here who are experiencing these issues.