Halo MCC PC Discord Server

I’ve recently re-created a Discord server for the Halo MCC PC fanbase. Here, you can find matchmaking for any and all of your MCC wants, including specific groups for Halo 2 Anni and Halo 2 Classic, Campaign, Firefight, and more. We’re a fast-growing group that’s been gaining members daily, but at the moment, we’re still a little short on manpower. However, don’t let that deter you. I plan on hosting casual tournaments, events, competitions, and more once we hit a minimum threshold, and I’m willing to accept any and all advice or suggestions on the server layout. I want to re-build a community, not have the same discord experience every other large server eventually falls into.

If you’re interested, you can join us through this link: Discord

Please remember to read the rules, and react at the bottom of the page to gain access to our Recruit role. From there, you can head to the Roles channel to find Reactions that will give you access to your preferred games, including ODST and ODST Firefight when they release (Or if you have Flighting!).

Also be sure to check our Events and News channel for any and all updates.

I hope to see you on the field, Spartan.