Halo MCC November 22 2015 Update

I’ve heard that yesterday an update was coming out to fix the major problems of Halo Master Chief Collection (specifically matchmaking). I had had my xbox one unplugged and went I went onto mcc, I wasn’t prompted to update and I didn’t see any changes. Is there a way that I can get the update and take advantage of the xbox live gold subscription and halo 3 odst, since I have played the game since November 11th???Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:

Do you have a source for your information? There hasn’t been any mention on an MCC update in the recent community updates / bulletins. The last updated was just before Halo 5 launched, you can find all the details in the patch notes here. There was an Xbox One update yesterday, but that was just general bug fixes for the Console.

For ODST, you needed to have played before December 19th 2014 (last year). From your service record it looks like you didn’t start playing until around the 278th? That’s when your first achievement popped. If you’re sure you played before the 19th, check the MCC FAQ link in my signature. It outlines what you need to do to get the additional content.