Halo mcc needs Team Objective again,and more stuff

I really want team objective back on Halo Master Chief collection.
Halo 5 has team Arena and warzone so it’s already somewhat objective based.
I rarely find a good match on Halo master chief collection, most of the time i get big team slayer on valhalla, It gets boring extreamly fast and i end up almost leaving every match cause it always ends up 4 vs 8. So I see no point in actually keep playing Halo master chief collection if you can’t even play the game type you want to play

I know you can find objective based gametypes on big team and other game types but it’s so rare to find them, you will most likely end up on valhalla slayer anyways

So I would love if " Team Objective" returns :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I will just play Halo 5

Sorry if I spelt something wrong or if it contains bad grammar. Just trying to get my favorite gametype back.

Regards from Zorio lol :slight_smile: