Halo MCC Multiplayer

Please take the voting system out of halo mcc. Just make the matches cycle through all maps at random. Play lists like BTB Please just make all maps and all halos random. I have been a long time halo fan from the days of halo CE. I am on the verge of never playing again and selling this Xbox. (People say this type stuff I know but halo is the only reason I have an Xbox and its to the point of no enjoyment). For the last 11 games I have been in matchmaking in BTB(which has always been my favorite) it has been voted to play halo 3 all 11 times. It’s getting old. It would be nice to hit BTB on HALO CE and HALO 2 remastered. I know support might be little too late to ask but it’s worth a try.

Glad see I’m not the only one!

I’ve weighed the arguements a lot. Random and no voting makes it fair for everyone. Furthermore it takes away the Long standing complaint from people wanting a playlist for each halo and each playlist for each splitting the player base. They got to fix this. This voting is ruining the game to a point of no return. i can’t even play the great maps from the halo CE days on BTB. Especially the great maps added to the PC version of CE.

As nice as it may be, this really isn’t going to happen in a game that’s already this old. Sorry, but that’s simply the reality of it. Something as fundamental as this isn’t going to be changed.

You should get the option to pick which game you want to play before picking the playlist. I’m sick of Halo: CE 2v2. This isn’t the OG XBOX, this is Xbox Live. We should be able to match against 4 or more players with an equal amount on either team.

I haven’t played MCC in a while, for sure gonna give it a go. Probably gonna get owned after playing Halo 5. But yeah the voting thing is an old yet annoying thing.