Halo MCC Launch, one of the biggest blunders ever?

Who tripped over the power cord?

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> Who tripped over the power cord?


I don’t think they even have a power cord. That’ll come into play in a week or so.

I just want to play…horribly dissapointing for pre-order people honestly.
I keep seeing people say they took off work today to play, feel bad for them.

Yeah, I realized there might be some issues on day 1, but this is REALLY ridiculous. It’s not a matter of “oh it takes awhile to find a match,” it’s “oh it takes awhile to find a match, it might be 4v3 or 5v3 or 4v4 or 3v3 or 5v5 or 5v4, it might be the correct game type and you might stay connected for the duration of the game and when it’s over you may not freeze up”

Better yet there working around the clock to fix it and its been 2 days and i have not seen any improvements with MM