Halo MCC July update

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alright man, I hopped into one game of social after the update and there was way too much new and different. -Yoink- was popping up on my screen every 3 kills. Yes I know that the game does that with X killed x and X splattered x. But it’s the progression crap. I don’t care. I want to play not look like my sister’s barbie doll experiments when she was like 6 or 7. Which brings me to my next gripe. The vehicle skins… Jesus, have mercy. Whoever thought these were going to fight in with the environments they are in is insane. The warthog looks like an off brand hotwheels car. I didn’t even bother to look at the others. This st is turning Halo into a f*ing joke. People basically destroyed their own lives for the making of these games (willingly) and this is what we do. Halo is more than a game of blood and bullets. It’s a game of sincerity, immersion, and feeling. There is art in every aspect of the game. Yet realism to the highest extent. No matter what or where. Every thing has some connection or common ground. Halo is supposed to have a mysterious feel and you get to unravel it.
Also the acrophobia skull is just promoting enhanced mobility. And in an obnoxious way, I literally can’t even play the game with it on.

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I’m so confused.

You have the ability to turn cosmetics off. You have the ability to not play with the skull. Halo has been more about competitive balanced multiplayer than realism to the highest extent (plasma pistols? projectile based assault weapons that have progressed little in 200 years? overshields? come on - Halo isn’t realistic. You want realism, play Battlefield). What do any of these things do to affect the balance of multiplayer?

I mean the fact that you can fit 36 8 gauge shells is an improvement… (some of the guns aside.) Halo has been always had a very serious tone. Especially when we got to Reach, and OG WARS. ALSO I didn’t know that you could turn it off. But that would just disregard the fact of me stating why I even care. It is diminutive in my opinion. We all know about the cursed pig helmet and pizza assault rifle skin. These shall not come back. Saying that something in kind is okay is enabling them to loophole us. I walk on the side of caution.