Halo MCC issues...

Is anyone else having trouble starting Halo MCC? I’m trying to start the game, but it won’t let me and gives me an error message that reads “For some reason Halo: The Master Chief Collection has taken too long to start.” Can anyone tell me how I might go about fixing the problem, or is this something on 343/Microsoft’s end?

Theres an MCC support forum.

Hard reset the app. Hard reset the console. Pray to your particular deity? Repeat as necessary. I get this all the time. Try avoiding throwing your console out the window. Check your Internet connection, I think MS have snuck in always on because when my internet sucks my games don’t load.

plz delete

No but I would love an update where there are specific maps and modes for each game in this disk called Halo: MCC. It is very annoying not to be able to play Big Team Battle only for Halo 4 in this game. .