Halo mcc is back ?

Since the last 2 updates we have been finding games a lot faster now . The new playlist right now is Team Ball. My real question is since halo mcc is back i think will we have more ranked playlist such as team doubles or mlg as ranked coming this month ? That’s really all i want to know right now and by the way if anyone is interested in running in a team of halo 2 anniversary im still getting or helping people get their 50s. Yes im not charging . Msg me on xbox one . Please follow me on twitch my name is parvinder_takhar18

It never left in the first place.

In my opinion it needs a few permanent ranked playlists (Snipers and Swat) and a few unranked playlists (such as Action Sack)… But knowing 343 they’re probably going to give Action Sack ranking and keep rotating snipers and swat.