Halo MCC influences XBox One Partchat badly!?

Is it possible that the installation of Halo MCC influences the Party Chat badly? Since I have installed Halo MCC, I can’t use the Party Chat of the XBox One anylonger and I can’t play Halo together with my buddies. With the last update it has gotten a little bit better. I can use the Part Chat while playing games, except Halo. When I start playing Halo, I can join my buddies and use the Party Chat at the beginning. But after 2 games at most, the problems start. When in a game, I will be disconnected and the Party Chat doesn’t work anylonger. I always receive the mesaage that due to network constraints, I can’t use the Party Chat. Then, neither I can join my buddies in Halo nor join any Party Chat. I have checked everything in terms of my local network and my connection to the www. Everythings works fine and I have a open NAT.
I assume that it might be a problem of Halo, because before the installation of Halo everything worked fine and that is the last explainatuon remaining. Since the last update I can use the Party Chat at least for all the other games.

Many thanks for investigation.

this is exactly what happens to me and my friends as well. It is super annoying and I hope will get fixed soon but I doubt it. I have seen a few other threads on it so I know it is happening to others as well.

Yup, same here. I thought it was just me and my friends. I often get headset disconnects too. After games, the party can hear me but I cannot hear them and vice versa. Seems random as well.

I use skype party chat is too buggy

Same. Couldn’t use party chat for most of last night. Finally worked after like three hours. Don’t know if this is on Xbox Live or 343.

I noticed something strange! After failing to join a buddy and having received the error message that connecting to the host has failed, I don’t have the option to join or invite my buddy. But I can make him to the party leader or kick him out of the lobby even though we are not in the same Lobby …
By the way, the party chat stopped working at the same time. So, I am pretty sure it’s a problem of Halo MCC and not a wrong configuration of my Network or a problem with my isp.
343, please do something to fix the problem. It’s really annoying that I can’t play Halo with my buddies. If Halo MCC doesn’t work for me in short-term, I’ll throw it away. It’s scrap and not worth to sell it.

Great that is 343 is working continiously on updates. Unfortunately no update has fixed my problems yet. After the last update from yesterday I can report following:

  • I still can’t play with my friends and party chat still doesn’t work
  • It takes at least 5 minutes to find a match when playing alone
  • 5 of 5 matches were with uneven teams
  • I was kicked out of the game on 2 of 5 games