Halo MCC has no option to turn campaign Audio off

i was playing some campaign missions on MCC since i need to unlock still some achievements from it.
and when i wane look in the option’s menu there is no option to turn the Audio from the campaign missions off.
so its wierd that in the xbox 360 halo game’s you have this options to turn audio off also for the campaign but in MCC is there no option to do it.

I remember on 360 you could just play MP3s and stuff in the background while you played, and the in-game music would even mute but not the sound effects, it was lit and it’s dumb that this feature was completely forgotten next-gen.

its only MCC that not has it.
if i look to other game’s there all got the option to turn the audio off and also from sound effects off that you can listing music on the background good.

but if i look on the MCC settings from audio.
its only the menu music audio and voice chat volume you can turn off.
the other things you cant not.

i hope there going to fix it soon or going to add it.

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