Halo MCC: Games/updates installed, not working

Probably a common issue however after digging I can’t find an answer.

Bought a used MCC disc from GameStop. Installed games and updates over night, and this morning after them not working.

Pop up keeps saying the games are not install however the “Custom Installation” section says differently.

Big Halo fan. Bought this game so I would have to spend over $100 to get individual games.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello there Thrasher2314,

I would first go to “My Games and Apps” and press start on the MCC and go to “Manage Games and Add-ons” making sure nothing there is ready/waiting to download. I know that Halo: ODST and Reach are both considered DLC for the MCC so they do not come with the game automatically but they are both on game pass if you have that. You would just have to go to the Marketplace and search them up, and then install them from there. If you do not have Game Pass, I believe ODST is $3.99 and Reach is $7.99 to own. Once you have that situated just double check they are installed by following the first steps above. If everything is good, launch the game and you should be good to go.

If not, be sure do uninstall all the game add ons first, then uninstall the MCC. After, hard restart your Xbox by pressing down the power button on the front of the Xbox until your Xbox shuts off completely. Unplug your power supply on the back of your Xbox and wait about 3 mins before plugging it back in. This will clear your Xbox Cache that had any buildup. Once plugged back in, wait 1 min before turning you Xbox on. Once successfully turned on, try reinstalling the MCC and Add-Ons and then launching the games.

Happy Gaming,


THANK YOU!!! This worked for me! I’m so grateful!