Halo MCC game pass for PC are Locked?

I just got a brand new PC
wanted to play Halo MCC for Game pass.
I both tried to install it from the xbox app and windows store. neighter solved it it for me. the games are locked and i can’t play. why is that so?
i tried like 5 times redownloading the game.

I have the thing happening and I also put in a support but have not heard from them at all. I wanted to play with friends but cant. They are on steam and can play but with gamepass I can not.

thats strange.

i am wondering if more have the problem. i cant blame on my pc since it is all new setup. with an 5600x and 6600 xt

Do you have the standard game pass or game pass ultimate?


Got a same issue and still not fix. I tried some method to fix it but it’s not work
like repair / reset Gaming Services and Windows Store and delete data in registry editor.
Still waiting official to fix it.

Btw Game Pass Ultimate for me

This appears to be an issue at the moment. Until it’s raised as a known issue by 343 please makes sure and file a support ticket on the Halo Support site.

For the moment you can follow this topic for updates: