Halo MCC Forge Remake * Anchor 9 * in H2A - Video

I’ve had this map made for a while now, but I’m just now posting a video for it.

MCC Remake - Anchor 9 from Halo Reach (Walkthrough)

A faithful remake of Anchor 9 from Halo: Reach. 4-12 mans.

This map was created in Halo 2 Anniversary on Nebula and is on scale with the original Anchor 9 and set up for all game types the original had that are available in MCC.

I chose to remake Anchor 9, because nobody has successfully pulled it off before (as far as I know) and because Anchor 9 is the very last small/medium sized map released by Bungie for the Halo franchise, so I thought it would be great to have in MCC.

Special thanks to runNOKYARDrun and JDHarbs for their suggestions that helped me fine tune this map.

To download this map, go to your Roster in MCC, go to your own name, then go to Find Player, search my GT: Larry Tanng to find my file share.

Also in my file share is the “Unanchored” variant of Anchor 9 as well as two accurate remakes of Uncaged from Reach in both H2A and H4.