Halo MCC Download Issues Stops at 2.9% - Xbox One

I purchased a digital download of Halo MCC and it won’t download. When I first purchased it and tried downloading it, it doesn’t work, and my Xbox gives me an error about how there’s not enough internet or whatever. So we pause the download and resume the download when there’s not a bunch of devices trying to download a bunch of things or what not.

So, then later the other devices are no longer using the internet and we’re watching Netflix on our Xbox and it’s downloading…or I assume it was downloading because later it said that the game was ready to be played and it was downloaded at least 70% of the way.

But it never finishes and the installation stops, saying “Wait a while, then resume installing. We can’t complete the installation right now (0x87e0000f)”.

Google the issue, tried practically everything I found, just short of contacting Xbox and asking for a new Xbox. Cancel the download, so the 70% I downloaded is gone, and tried redownloading. Stops at 1.83gb/2.9%. Try that again and again, never works, same thing, 1.83gb/2.9%. Tried unplugging the Xbox and plugging it directly into the wall. Tried restarting my internet, router, modem and all. I’m connected via wifi because I don’t have a cord long enough to connect via wired with my current setup. This whole time the only thing using the wifi is internet is the Xbox, I even took my phone off wifi. So then I take a hard drive, empty it, format it for Xbox One games & apps, and tried to download it onto the external hard drive because maybe it’s something wrong with the internal hard drive. Doesn’t work so I backed up all my games and apps to the external hard drive from the internal hard drive, then cleared the internal hard drive and tried downloading. Same results. Factory reset my Xbox One. Same results. Xbox is updated, Microsoft Store is updated…

Contacted Microsoft via chat. Went through some troubleshooting where I tried downloading another game. Works just fine. Internet is running at at least 20 mbps or whatever, was running 40 when I was trying to download Far Cry 5, also a digital download. Microsoft has now exhausted all their options, and as a last ditch result after telling me to contact the game developer, give me a refund so I can repurchase the game and try to download it again. Same result.

So Microsoft says to come here, post in this forum, explaining my issue, and a moderator will provide me with some guidance. Also to let them know if they need to do anything according to developer direction.

And here I am…so…help, please? Maybe?

I am also having the same problem trying to download/install Halo Master Chief. It’s a bloody joke. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I get that it’s not convenient for long term but if there’s a way to connect your console to your internet source via ethernet, you should try that and continue downloading.

Also, you can essentially soft reset your console by restoring the factory settings while keeping your current games and apps.

A lot of download issues for me have been related to storage, but I see that you took care of most of the basic storage troubleshooting steps. Curious to see where this one goes.

Do you have your NAT open and your ports forwarded? If not, try this.