Halo MCC custom games

I’m hosting master chief collection custom games on classic maps & new maps. Let’s try to get a full lobby. I will take map requests & promote if you have maps you would like to share. Add or message “Adorable Whale” for an invite.

Bump reopen for the night.

still hosting

Well if you are looking for gamenights every Friday night we have a gamenight on Halo MCC in the Epsilon Fleet at EpsilonFleet.com!

Hey Adorable Whale, if you have a Facebook account, you should check out the community I own, called Halo 3 Lives On! With almost 1,250 members, I’m sure you’ll find at least a few gamers to run matchmaking with, myself included. Here is the url for quick access: facebook.com/groups/needz.moar.h3

Best of luck,

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I am recruiting for DHG we are a massive gaming community with over 40,000 members. We host tournaments where you can win microsoft points xbox live gold and more. We have game nights where we just have fun and play on forge created maps made by community members. You do not haft to change your gamertag to join. Little commitment is required to join. (details will be explained in a party) you haft to be 16 to join but dont fret we have a junior division. Message me on xbox if this sounds like something for you. My gamertag is DHG Tweety. We have a website www.dhghq.com