Halo MCC - Controller Not Working (PC)

Hey everyone,

I ran into an issue with trying to use my controller on PC. I am currently running window 10, and I use both a wired controller and a Xbox One S controller. I have tried both independently and via Big Picture Mode on steam as well through launching mcc by normal means from my steam library. I have also restarted my device, tried other controllers, but I am continuing to have these issues.

I am able to play with a controller in the menus, custom games, campaign, and forge. The moment I try to play social or competitive, the game only lets me control my character by mouse and keyboard. I tried going into steam and enabling the controller and everything works fine until I launch matchmaking again. I could not find a forum where someone is having the same issue, and I am unsure how to resolve it.

I used to be able to switch between mouse and keyboard at any point during a match, but now I cannot. If anyone has advice on some things I could try or if you once had this issue and resolved it, I’d love to know how. Thanks for all your help!

Hey Shishka! There was a recent update to the game which locks input to your preferred input device in some matchmaking playlists. The purpose of this update was to enable players the option of only playing with players of the same input and to help balance lobbies between Mouse & Keyboard and Controller users. The good news is that you are able to adjust this setting before starting up a match so that when the match starts you will be able to use your preferred input device.

To switch your preferred input device, navigate to the following:
From the Main Menu select Options & Career > Settings > Controls > Preferred Input Device

Hope this helps! Feel free to let us know if you have any further troubles/questions with switching your inputs :slight_smile:

That worked! Thanks for letting me know.

Awesome!! I’m glad I could help.

I think this thread stands as a potential feedback point as well that for players trying to use an input device in-game that is not set as their preferred device in the settings the game should help notify the player on how to resolve it.