Halo MCC Competitive Playlists

I’m making this to see what you all think. Currently at any given time there are seven competitive playlists. Among these, many are very low populated and hard to find a match in depending your skill rank. I personally am not in the know regarding H2C Hardcore or HCE Doubles, but other than that it seems at least two of the active playlists could be done away with.

  1. H3 Team Hardcore
    -I love H3 and hardcore is obviously a staple of the franchise but I haven’t been able to find a match in this playlist in over two years. (Rank 1)

  2. H4 Squad Battle
    -H4 Squad Battle had its moments, especially when the challenge for the BR skin was active, but since then the playlist has dried up. I have not been able to find a match in this playlist for over a year. (Rank 1)

Notes: obviously squad battle is the only active competitive playlist for H4, so canning it is not likely unless replaced by a 4v4 H4 playlist(which I would like).

H3 Hardcore on the other hand is one of three H3 playlists in the competitive domain. It could easily be replaced with H3 Lone Wolves, which I think would retain a decent population. Or at least rotate it in like H3 Doubles and H3 Hardcore Doubles are rotated.

What do y’all think? What playlists do you think should be retired, if any?

Yeah only people that could play HARDCORE H3 were people that were rank 20 and up so I’d always have to make a smurf and run with a friend. You can get some games at rank 20 now and then but everyone’s on Infinite. Hardcore doubles should be pretty easy to find at any rank at this point.

I think the playlists they have now is fine and messing with it wouldn’t do anything but maybe make the ranked population go up by a few players determining on how many ranked players still play MCC.