Halo MCC Clan Recruitment

Greetings I’m Zoran Zoltan a Ship Master within the CAS Infernal Indignation an all Elite clan on Halo Reach MCC. We were founded this year as of 2019 by Zoran Zoltan, Tack and GaulGore. The initial iteration of the CAS II had a variety of members from across the community starting us at around 34 active members. I’m here to see if you’ll join us in our journey as a clan.

What We Offer
♚ A competitive ranking system which offers you the chance to prove yourself and lead warriors into combat.
♚ A professionally-built Discord server.
♚ Learn new skills and traits through our division system (stealth, marksmanship, swordsmanship, leading etc.)
♚ The ability to gain additional knowledge on Halo lore.
♚ Intense and structured training sessions to simulate Arena Training.
♚ Clan matches to test your mettle and prove your worth.
♚ Meetings to host opportunities to voice suggestions, opinions and advice to advance.
♚ Matchmaking across the board with an organised squad system to improve cohesion and gameplay value on MCC Reach
♚ Skilled and disciplined commanders who can teach an array of talents to help further your career within Halo Reach MCC.
♚ Highly respectable individuals within a friendly oriented environment to promote bonding between members.
♚ We also allow recreational and vacation time whenever it’s needed in-which you may spend in whatever manner suits you.
♚ The ability to join something and become a member of an everlasting legacy.

We have even attempted to maintain a close resemblance to the official Halo Reach canon Covenant ranking system for Elites.

We have four divisions:

  • Infantry Battalion
  • Special Operations
  • Fleet Security
  • Ministry (Zealots)

Each rank serves an individual purposes. For advancement, we promote and accept an assortment of conditions, a few to name being skill, discipline, loyalty and potentiality.

♚ Must be of 13 years of age or older (exceptions may be made).
♚ Must have a microphone or be able to type incredibly fast to respond/listen to orders.
♚ Must play Halo MCC regularly.
♚ Must obviously favour the Covenant (Sangheili) faction of Halo.
♚ Must be able to listen to orders given by superior officers.
♚ Must have a common understanding of respect and discipline.

Contact Details:
Ship Master - Zoran Zoltan
Field Master - Tack
Zealot - GaulGore
Major - Lethal JN
Major - Lzot