Halo MCC Clan Battle

So I was hoping to Battle another Clan. My Clan is called Tactical Ground Squad (TGS) I was hoping to have a Clan Battle with a Caln that you are apart of if you are the leader or not. I am the Leader of my Clan Pokedex500. This is what I thought in Mind

This Saturday at 5PM EST Essentially a BTB in different Maps and Modes,

  1. is BTB Slayer on Hemorrhage
  2. I decided on Boneyard
  3. Will be Invasion on a Custom Map me and the Leader of the Opposing Clan Agreed on
    4.Will be an Objective Game Mode with the Map being voted by the Clan Members
  4. Will be CTF to Finish it off if We Tie up. However best 3 outta 5 so it might be unlikely to reach this.

It should last us atleast 3 Hours for this battle to End. Unless we are evenly Matched it could be 4 close to 5 Hours
If you would like to make it competitive let’s talk about it . A Nice Clan Battle Should be fine for my Clan and Yours. No matter the Outcome. I would like to talk with the leader to setup loadouts and make sure we have a nice Fight and Cool battleground. Sounds like fun and I would like to do it Please Consider
Discord is Pokedex500#4830

Oh I’m definitely interested. Who is the leader of Void to agree on the 3rd map?

My clans been looking for something more casual against other clans but most appeal to a very serious crowd. While we do have serious teams the newbies don’t get a chance to play since clan egos overshadow unskilled players. Anyway sent you a message, we might have to change the time (and 5 game modes shouldn’t be 3 hours) but we’ll go from there!

My clans ONI by the way, https://semper-vigilans.org or https://discord.gg/ONI

I am not that bad at halo so could I join that would be really coo.