Halo MCC Campaign Crossplay


I just had a quick question to the 343 devs about MCC, I know all the focus is being put onto infinite for good reason! The game is fun and amazing so far but I just had a question about MCC, my friends and I have been wanting to play through the campaign but the problem is, I’m on Xbox and they’re on PC, I was wondering if there are plans to add crossplay for Halo MCC campaigns and if there are when can we expect to get them?

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As of now, they are no plans 343i is going to implement campaign crossplay due to the heavy amount of time and resources required to rewrite the netcode of each game’s campaign.


Makes sense, thank you!

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It’s understandable that the entire development focus is on Halo Infinite, but since at the time they added Cross to virtually every game and its modes, why not in the campaigns?
To me that doesn’t make sense. I hope Dev’s team release this Cross as soon as possible.

This is a highly requested quality of life updates from the community. To my understanding, the reason 343 hasn’t really talked about it is because making the campaigns crossplay is more difficult to work out than the rest of the game (multiplayer, forge, etc.). As nice as it would be, campaign cross play wouldn’t be used as much as multiplayer cross play would, which could be a reason why 343 hasn’t planned to implement crossplay fir campaign. That being said, I really want this to happen and hope 343 can make it work


I feel like before they add cross-play they should improve the netcode for co-op because let’s be honest co-op can be very laggy, have massive input delay, or even just crash/bring you back to the main menu so maybe they should fix that before cross-play.


If split-screen was added to PC, many online services (Steam, Parsec, others) allow players to play split-screen across the internet. It wouldn’t solve this problem, but it would be a good workaround in the meantime.

Wow, I just bought MCC for my wife on Xbox with the intention of playing campaign since she has never experienced the magic. Now I’m gonna have to struggle to get a refund because I honestly don’t know if they will ever add crossplay to campaign since infinite is more financially lucrative to support over MCC. What a tragedy.

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disc or digital? if its digital it will also work on pc


When the pc player has Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the MCC can be played via Cloud gaming and then campaigns are crossplay playable!!

I think on the cloud server the game will start in a Xbox Virtual Maschine. And therefore the pc player is handled like a xbox player.

Don’t know if you’re still interested, but they added cross play to halo 3 and odst campaigns in the latest update

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Your knowledge on this topic Didn’t age well.

We need PC splitscreen, improved net code and campaign cross-play.


While that is true, I tried it with the Cloud Gaming and it was a buggy mess, I had so much screen tearing so I don’t really recommend it, but if you want to play it badly, it’s worth a shot I guess

Campaign crossplay exists for Halo 3 and ODST, and PC Splitscreen will mess up MCC’s EAC, Thanks anti-cheat :pensive: