Halo MCC and toxic teammates

Alright let me be frank here 343, the amount of toxic, griefing and/or unsporting players in the MCC is genuinely starting to become unbearable. I recently played a game of big team battle on Breakout with a team mate who went around destroying our vehicles, with r without friendlies in them. The worst thing about all of this is players inside of vehicles destroyed by other teammates won’t even be killed. This means that there will be no betrayal, thus the toxic griefing players will not be able to be booted from the game and continue griefing with nothing to stop them. 343, either you allow players to be killed by team mates inside of vehicles or you’ll have to unfortunately resort to making vehicles invincible to friendly fire. You need to figure something out, because toxic players are getting in the way of me wanting to have some casual fun. Sort it out please.

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This only happens in heavies BTB. Heavies doesn’t have friendly fire but you still can damage friendly vehicles to grief in the way you described. I say just axe friendly damage to vehicles completely when ff is disabled and end this type of griefing. Best you can do now OP is report them and encourage your fellow teammates as well, the offending player will be slapped with a ban.

Yeah it was heavies! I’m assuming you’ve experienced this too? I do have evidence too of the player, but for some reason they don’t allow you to post game clips or screenshots here. Even r/Halo on Reddit wouldn’t allow me to do it.


Posting your evidence here or on reddit is futile; it will fall on deaf ears. Your best bet is to submit that evidence alongside a support ticket on the support website under ‘report a player’.

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that halo MCC has a toxic problem is for me sadly notting new at all in the first place.
its also not the first halo game also that has that type problem also it was all a problem more back in the old day’s from halo 3 so far i can remember it can also be its a much older problem.

and its not a halo only problem its more all the FPS genres games that have the same problem.

You can block them, MCC will try it’s best to not match you with people you have blocked.

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