Halo MCC and Infinite Machinima

Hello I will get straight to the point. Would anyone here be interested in taking part in a Machinima? I know it’s been years since it was popular, but I am planning to do it just for fun. Nothing too serious, no serious commitments. We’ve made a Discord server, discussed a few ideas and we’re looking to build a story together. MCC is crossplatform so it will be easy for everyone to get into a game together. I was thinking of doing it in Halo Reach and maybe if we still do it by the time Infinite gets released, carry it on there as well. Right now we’re 5 people in the server. We’ve got some more voice actors, but the main problem is the lack of body actors. Obviosuly, if you want to take part in this project you could be a voice and/or body actor as well. If anyone feels creative and interested, let me know and drop your Discords in the comments/ DM them. Thanks!