Halo:MCC All LASO Team

I am looking for three other players that are serious about completing all of the campaigns on mythic difficulty. I want someone experienced that has played each campaign on legendary at least once, preferably while on solo. You have to be serious about this because it won’t be easy. I will be trying to do a few missions every day, and I am going to be playing Tuesdays from roughly 2-6, Thursdays 2-6, Fridays 2-1am, and late Saturdays. If that fits you please post your info here. My GT is: KIM J0NG PHIL.

add ericdk

Ok have three right now need one more person

I’m tempted to join but you realise co-op is only two players for Halo 1 and 2, right?

Me! I’ve done almost all of the halo ce and halo 2 campaign achievements. Beat every campaign multiple times solo on legendary and have had plenty of 50’s on halo 3. I’m pretty good and won’t be dying on laso. My gamertag is: bambaminator