Halo: MCC 70$ digital 60$ disk

i bought Halo MCC digital for 70$ but on this sight it says 60$ why is it so much

I don’t know this is the first time i’m hearing about this :frowning:

Through the xbox market place? The last I checked it was listed 59.99 on there

It could have something to do with sales tax in your place of residence. I am not sure if you accounted for that or not though.

$70? I bought digital for $60 so that’s really odd. I don’t know how your digital copy could be $10 more.

I believe the reason is, as stated by 343i themselves, you’ll get the update before the game even comes out… to my extent this is why it would cost more. CONSIDERING, you get to download the update before the people who wait in a line, or the next day. This is all I can make of it.

If you are in Canada like me, games cost $70 digital and physical. The price on this website is $60 USD