Halo Matchmaking should be similar to bf3

Firstly my reasoning behind this is DLC is frequently being missed out on, we already have some elements of ‘Battlefield’ matchmaking options with things like the ‘missions’ which is similar to the custom challenges that we can use for Reach.

Anyway if the matchmaking was changed then it would mean the player could choose whatever map the player wanted in any game-type by going to a ‘server browser’ to select what the player wants to join, a player could in theory team up with a squad or team then join that server via server browser or quick-match.

Each game would either get the option to find ‘games in progress’ or ‘finding a new game’ so players can play for fun and just jump into a game or start a game competitively from the start.

Also an extra thing is all the maps would NEED to be big because then the maps could be broken down later in something like Forge to make smaller maps for smaller game-types, so basically we’d have more choices instead of restricting players and that means Forge would also have bigger maps, not restrict the players to creativity as much.

Just to be clear I’m not referring to the game-play of Battlefield but the way gamers find games.

I do like the BF server browser and filter. And it has improved more in BF4. Although some functions are not all working. But Dice are working on fixing this.

As Halo 5 will have dedicated servers, this maybe possible.

But I would love to see 343 improve on what BF has done. BF system is good, but is not easy to navigate. There is a definite possibility here.

I do support a server browser.

As for ranked matchmaking, good luck pleasing anyone. Most people who want ranked matchmaking simply want the exact system from Halo 2 or Halo 3 and won’t settle for anything different.

Server browser would be a good idea,it beats jip sense you can see what game your going into instead of being in a random map and gametype.

Sure can’t please everyone but it just seems like the server browser would probably be the best option at the moment, quick-match would work too since means players can go straight into a new game without worrying about joining a losing team or a game that’s just about to end plus it means people who like to stay till end of the game can play and get people to join, help out. (Basically it would help stop unfair matches like 2 v 8 where people would just spawn kill because of the lack of players helping)

Battlefield 4 doesn’t actually have a Match Making system, as you find the matches yourself and the whole idea of MM is that the system automatically finds you a suitable match. I think there are very real benefits to both systems and I would like to see both systems in Halo 5.

There are several arguments arguments that could be made to the true purpose of a MM system and how exactly that system should be implemented, as well as the benefits/disadvantages over a server browser. IMO, the major benefit of a MM system is that you can separate and match your player base according to skill, which can provide a much better playing experience. The major benefit of a server browser is that you have much more control and can play exactly what you want.

Here is how I would like to see both systems implemented in Halo 5:

Match Making
-Used solely for ranked playlist. No more social playlists.
-MM playlists would be as few as possible to allow for higher populations in each list
-No JIP or whatnot, would be very similar to halo 2/3s ranked section.

The goal of perfect MM is to put you in to games where the outcome is always close and you are playing with and against players very close to your skill. It should test your capabilities in all major facets of the game. FFA is very different from team games, maps with lots of vehicles are different than maps without, snipers is very technically skilled, etc…a MM system should test your skill on all these, which is where playlists come from and why you shouldn’t be able to choose exactly what you want to play. By getting rid of social you put all players that are using MM into the same pool and thus can figure out everyone’s skill rating to allow for better matches.

Server Browser
-Used for unranked games(social in a sense) and for custom games if they can figure out a good way to filter gametypes so you can find exactly what you want.
-There would be official gametypes that are regulated/have predefined settings to allow for players to find familiar gametypes that they want to play.
-Join in progress would be allowed here as there is no strict skill system, although team balancing could be implemented.

Server browsers allow you to have much greater control of what you play. You can choose to play Team Slayer on Valhalla over and over and over if you want and can quit or join mid game at your choosing. If they figure out a good way to have a custom game server browser this would allow you to fill whatever wacky custom games with players.

I wasn’t mentioning Battlefield 4.

I was stating being similar to Battlefield 3 plus the quick match actually is similar to matchmaking players can choose the game type they want, get into any match they want straight away. While ‘server browsers’ allows them to find custom servers that have the map/game-type that they want to play.

So far with Matchmaking I have noticed it’s got worse in previous games since Halo 3 (loved Halo 3), it really needs to change because it’s become a matter of ‘population’, not about what people want to play because at moment if a game type isn’t as ‘appealing’ to certain amounts of people then 343i tend to remove them then players are forced to suffer while ‘servers browsers’ always show them up so people can choose what they want, play with content that they paid for.

If people are worried about ranks then they probably can have it like the CSR for every game in both search types while giving the player the option to find a game or just join a game.

As for custom games I guess that might work but it would be needed to be added separately but I think that need’s to stick to custom games so maybe there could be a separate ‘server browser’ for custom games to search different game-types that might be fun, to check 343i recommendations. As for custom games I’d prefer to keep it normal custom games where the player can play them on/offline like in previous games.

Absolutely no, bf has the worst matchmaking system I’ve ever seen. It’s not really a matchmaking, but a server based. Matchmaking is the one used by all halo mp and also (copied?) by other games like cod, and it works very well.
Servers (as used in bf) are more easily hackerable, don’t allow to clearly vote the map and ALWAYS have connection problems, also the server list doesn’t work. Then you find yourself having to use non official servers with stupid boys as admins that pay for having the possibility to kick you and modify game mechanics.
One more thing, you don’t have a trueskill system that puts you in game with other people with similar skills, which is important most of all for new players that can play their first games with other Non expert players like them and can get used to the mechanics, instead of being wiped out by super skilled players.

I thought this topic was going to be about massive multiplayer I’m a bit sad now, also giving people the ability to have their own server is a bad idea they will just kick the high rank players that are not in their team to gain the advantage :frowning:

Yes, I agree OP there should be a server browser.

I recently bought Batman Arkham Origins, an open world game but with an added multiplayer. The multiplayer is broken (specifically: servers), thus no one plays it. The players have taken it upon themselves to manually matchmake, adding recent players / friends / and not-so-recent recent players. This is a pain in the backside and a server browser would solve this issue to keep the game lobbies that are alive, alive and frequently playing.

While I’m not saying that halo matchmaking is in the state of BAO (even though I’ve not played halo online in a while) I solves problems before they arise.


Server browsers should extend to custom games. This is something that I’ve been banging on about for a while and i hope it will be heard. Regular matching just wouldn’t really work for customs as you wouldn’t know what you were joining.


Server browser should be limited to casual playists. Ranked playlists need to matchmaked to find even matches.

Agreed, ranked need to be matchmaked to find even matches. Absolutely.