Halo Master Chief is killing my Xbox One.

So I got Halo for Christmas and while I was so excited to play and relive the early days of Xbox with being able to play the redesigned first Halo game nostalgia really set in, but little did I know how bad this game really was. First, the game took 3 days to completely download, once downloaded I was missing content; the campaign games said they were fully downloaded and I couldn’t play it, when I tried to play online there was missing downloaded maps and the game play lagged. I uninstalled everything and re-downloaded it in an attempt to save my hopes of playing, I was surprised to see that the issue was the same only this time when I inserted the disc into the drive it caused the xbox home screen to glitch out and become pixelated, my screen froze and completely immobilized my xbox. I took the disc out and uninstalled it again.
For the last time I reinstalled it a couple of days later and once downloaded the game allowed me to play a little bit of the campaign gameplay and on some online gameplay but the online gameplay it would constantly time out and look for a new host, the xbox would freeze and then I would have to turn off and turn it back on to continue.
I love this game franchise but this is so frustrating that I cant play and I don’t like the fact I have a $60 paperweight because I’m too afraid to play it.
I would not recommend this game to anyone