Halo Master Chief...How long will he be around?

Master Chief has been with us for a very long time. Assuming at some point the Cortana/MC will eventually reach
the end of the road and a new generation of Halo will take over. It seems like Halo Infinite the naming alone
almost seems like a push in that direction. That name looks like the traditional naming series names such
as Halo 1 thru Halo # will be gone and just named only Halo Infinite going forward with new iterations of
it every so often. My only hope is that the creative direction does not decide to kill off either one as
did prior franchises such as the Mass Effect series and Commander Shepard. Be nice if they both
can kind of ride off into the sunset…a nice ending to a once great team. With remaining team
of Spartans I’m sure there are plenty of adventures with the remaining rings and untold stories.
The recent Halo 5 campaign is evidence of the need of wrapping up the MC/Cortana saga
in style with a great send off. Moving on is healthy for the Halo franchise but also allowing
for the tradition to stay intact for the future with it’s own unique identity. With the demo
the promise of fantastic leaps graphics is amazing. Guessing the MC/Cortana will
wrap up in one or two releases and we’re into the Halo future. I know that some want
MC to stick around forever/ but age wise even in the character universe even they
have an end of sorts. Just hoping for a “Happy Ending” and not a “You must kill off the
main Character(s)” sort of sacrificial ending pushed out by these other firms.

There’s already a topic discussing the potential death of Chief here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics/master-chief-to-die-or-not-to-die/f53c4c6d-e0da-4e31-b554-30a35488894b/posts please post there, thanks :slight_smile: