Halo master chief collection

So I’ve had an issue downloading & re-downloading the master chief collection, I’ve hard reset my console, My console is up to date, I’ve bought a brand new project scorpio last month,my WiFi is for gaming & streaming only with Xfinity, none of my other games disc & digital I’m not experiencing any bugs whatsoever, but only the master chief collection, I’m currently playing ONLY by using a secondary profile (player2) & halo is functioning well without any issues BUT my issue is that my PRIMARY (player1) account is experiencing the (main menu freeze) every time I quit the application & start over, hard reset my console, it still freezes until I switch over to a secondary profile it doesn’t hesitate, lag or freeze whatsoever.

What the hell kind of bug is this? How can I play on my primary account?

Until then I’m just playing on the secondary account