halo master chief collection


Honestly, you should more glad than disappointed that they didn’t being it to the 360. It would be lower quality if they had to develop it for two consoles at once…

To put H2A on the 360 they would have to make an entire second set of graphic assets dumbed down to run on the 360 (or just use 360 level graphics on both which will make XB1 players rather unhappy) as well as making it a standalone game which would require scrapping the whole universal UI just to make a H2A-only UI, then changing the achievements and getting new dedicated servers specifically for the standalone version. They would also have to port the engine to the 360 after already putting in the effort to port it to XB1.

Doing all this would take a huge chunk of time and effort and would also murder the quality of the game because they’d be too busy focusing on old tech instead of quality.

I don’t have an XB1 myself and would also like a 360 version but logically it’s just not worth it in the long run. I’d prefer buying an XB1 to play the game over playing a rushed and buggy 360 version with crippled features.

I’m glad it isn’t on the 360, that would just mean they’d have to dumb down the game and graphics for that old tech instead of testing the limits of the Xbox One.

> well I’m excited for halo the master chief collection but I’m a little disappointed that it is only on Xbox one I am still on the 360 but I wish at least halo 2 anniversary would be on the 360

I am sick and tired of these comments. If they put it on 360, the game will be ruined for everyone. Please do not insist on this.


I’m still annoyed they haven’t released Halo 3 for the original Xbox. Or Mario Cart 8 for my Nintendo 64.

Look, the 360 has been out for nearly a decade. They’re trying to sell Xbox Ones and the current games for it are all either ports of 360 games and just plain lousy. Microsoft needs Halo to sell Xboxes. The Xbox One needs Halo bad … bad enough to just port more 360 games into a bundle + Halo 2 … lol.

OP, look at the amount of Halo games made for the Xbox 360, then look at this post.

Then, look at how many games released on the original Xbox - then AGAIN look at how many Halo games released on the Xbox 360. Look at the Xbox One as of right now, it has both Halo 5 and this very collection up and coming.

They are not out yet.

I think that the MCC should stay on the One. Not only for quality reasons but we are almost a year into this generation of consoles. If we keep catering to the previous gen then console gaming is going to be stuck while PC just keeps getting farther and farther ahead. These consoles haven’t been out for a year yet and PC is still like a generation or two ahead of console. We need to leave the past in the past, take what we learned apply it in the present and keep advancing forward. This generation needs to be pushed. That’s from someone who does not have a Xbox One and probably won’t get one any time soon.