Halo Master Chief Collection Wont Start At All

Does anyone else have a problem with the Halo Master Chief Collection not starting or saying its taking too long to load? I just spent several hours last night installing the disc only to find the game will not start at all today. It will not even make it to the menus.

No, but recently the game has been sitting on the blue planet screen for like 2 minutes after pressing the menu button to “start” the game.

I suddenly noticed that it’s really hard to get into a game today

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> No, but recently the game has been sitting on the blue planet screen for like 2 minutes after pressing the menu button to “start” the game.

I have noticed this during the last couple weeks.

Are you downloading a game or update? Because that tends to happen when you have background downloads occurring.

I would suggest a hard reset of your Xbox (hold down the power button for 10 seconds until it shuts off on its own, and leave it off for five minutes before turning it on).

im not downloading anything now. it wasn’t running downloads or anything when I tried to start it.

I have the same problem and my internet is terrible so I don’t want to reinstall it

I just gave up and deleted it. I have halo 5 installed now and I have problems with it force closing so I’m tempted to just go back to fallout or metal gear solid

Have you tried clicking on ‘Launch from disc’ icon?
Have you tried launching from the Store page of MCC? (The disk will have to be in the console for the ‘play / launch’ option to appear)
Can you try launching from the Halo channel? Go to Play Halo tab and select MCC.
Can you try setting your console to offline mode and trying to launch like that?
Can you log out of your profile and launch the game from disk?

I’m on my third restart of my PC trying to get MCC Reach to launch.

So far it will just open a Windowed screen that says the Master Chief Collection and stay there indefinitely.

I tried uninstalling the game so I can install it again but now Xbox Beta will just show me clicking install and for a half a second display the download size and time but then go back to the install button.

I’m restarting my PC for the third time hoping it will actually let me install it now?

I had the same problem. Had to go to library and look for master chief collection and launch from there instead of the halo reach shortcut

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Please see the pinned thread regarding Halo Support and how to submit tickets for issues you may be experiencing.