halo master chef collection missing halo 4 mul

I’m not to thrilled that halo 4 multiplayer doesn’t have a playlist on halo MCC of its own like all other versions do because of this the game has been sitting on the shelf since I got it I feel like 343 made false promises and need to add that feature into the master chef collection or I may consider legal action with halo 5 coming later this year the MCC is soon to be ignored I’m sure and the feature may never be add this has resulted in my decision NOT to get halo 5 the MCC in my opinion is a clustered mess called a game if the feature does not get added then Microsoft and 343 may want to look into refunding people back for the game at this point the MCC was a promotion for the halo network and the halo series we paid $60 for just that access to a bogus VOD service that’s not even all that great by adding halo 4 full multiplayer this would help change a lot of how I feel about the game and if this doesn’t sink in and 343 wants to keep the MCC without halo 4’s full multiplayer then they should pray the studio survives cause at this rate I see a bad future for 343