Halo Maps are Beautiful!

STOP! Take a minute… Look around… Become immersed in the beauty!

Halo has always been one of the best looking games around PERIOD. Halo 4 was undoubtedly the best looking game on Xbox 360 and Halo 5 wasn’t to far off for Xbox one. Most people are so caught up in the fast pace action of Halo 5 they forget to take a second to look at the Beautiful Sky boxes and Scenery the amazing staff over at 343i have spent hours making.

Today I was playing with a 12 person Warzone lobby and I took on the task of staying at our armoury on March on Stormbreak incase someone snuck passed and tried to stop our triple cap. While I was standing around waiting for an attack which never came I stared out into the distance and I was amazed by how beautiful the map was. There is so much going on beyond the battlefield! How many of you saw the Aurora in the Sky on Stormbreak?! Most people couldn’t tell you what the sky looked like on that map without loading it up and checking.

Next time you are playing on Halo 5 (Or any other Halo game) take a minute to stop and look around at the gift 343i has given our eyes and let that Happy, Warm feeling inside you keep you strong on the battlefield!

I love the view on Apex 7, the storm sky of Array, and the glassed lands on Darkstar.

I love the beautiful scenery of the Grunt floating in space on Tyrant…

It doesn’t matter which map you play on, whether it’s Sanctuary or Torque, Fathom or Bloodgulch. Each and every map has it’s ascetics, something every other game (CoD specifically) can’t get right.

I hear you man it’s just a shame that so many of the maps are wasted by being made with ugly forge.

I really like Torque’s design. Reminds me of Gundam.

Next time take a look at some beta footage and see how the graphics was downgraded.

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> Next time take a look at some beta footage and see how the graphics was downgraded.


Halo 5 has good graphics. The thing is that I can see the places where 343 cut corners for 1080p 60 FPS (and those cuts weren’t present in the beta.)
Lighting and Shadowing in the beta was much better.

On top of that, 343’s map and scenery art design is ok, but Bungie’s art design was at least moderately better. 343 could hold up better with less all UNSC maps.

Yes they`re really beautiful…not in Halo 4 or 5 cause the textures look really bad :slight_smile:

Finally a positive topic. I agree the skyboxes are awesome in this game.