Halo Machinima Solar Skies Studios

Hey guys this is FOGOFreak01 representative of Solar Skies Studios
I’m Looking for some Body Actors And Most Importantly <mark>voice actors</mark> well as you know its hard to find people willing to play rolls as voice actors so spreading the word around about this forum would sure help out a lot I dont have much time to explain the machinima but here is a link to the story line so far
Please if you are interested leave your gamertag and email here (Gmail recommended)

GT: StarsideSpartan

E-mail: starsidestudios01@gmail.com

HEY THANKS MAN its great to see that you’re interested if you can please tell your friends on Xbox live and tell them to leave a message on this Forum - thanks


e-mail garethmoore1@yahoo.co.uk

hey do you have a gmail?

if not we can try to message you over xbox live

message me over live because i don’t have gmail

alright thanks but could you please spread the word about this Forum to friends so we can get more guys to help out thanks

k i will

just remind them to leave thier GT and Email (gmail Recommended if not thats alright) on this Forum

Ill love to help gmail: triplerstudios1@gmail.com

also do you want to help with my Machinima

hey man i can fill in some body acting if you need it. gt: riphelix

Hey thanks for helping out please remember to tell friends about this forum

no problem and i will tell more people


how many people will we need

As much as you can find we are open to all players and interested new comers.

Would love to voiceact.

Xblive- CaspersVice
gmail- caspersvice@gmail.com

do you mind if i go ask some people on live

I have my own machinima group and we are looking for alot of things because we are doing our first development/machinima this summer so we need, voice actors, body actors, good aesthetic forgers, skillful editors, story-writers, critics, script-writers.

we are in need of all of these positions if you are interested message me on skype: dmentia95 or xbox: dman whittle or email: dannywhittle7@hotmail.co.uk

and if you would like to view my personal (not machinima studio channel) visit www.youtube.com/dontforgetdmentia

also if you would like to know the story and get a sneak peek email me and the first 10 people will receive a reply as to what is going on story-wise.