Halo Lounge(iOS) - Hackathon Entry

Application/Web Site title: Halo Lounge (Halo Hackathon 2k16 Application)
Platform: iOS
Description: Halo Lounge will give users the ability to get a sneak peek of their team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Focused on the competitive aspect of Halo 5 - Arena, this application strives to give players the ability to analyze statistics to conjure up strategies to dominate the other team.
URL (if applicable): http://www.airugo.com/halolounge/
Screenshot links: http://www.airugo.com/halolounge/
Gamertag: ThunderOx

Halo Lounge is now available for download from Apple App Store:- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/halo-lounge/id1116310519?ls=1&mt=8