Halo lost it's identity

At one moment feel like I’m in Apex because I see some one grappling.

Another moment I feel like I’m playing a super hero game when people repulsor eachother.

Then I feel like I’m playing Halo 5 with the thruster even tho the thruster is gimped.

Then finally I feel like playing a bit of Halo when using the BR but the moment I pick up another weapon the desgins differ so much from eachother. Going from the BR to let’s say the camando feels jarring because of how different the styling is.

Then with the cat ears it feels like I’m playing Fortnite

As much as people claim to hate Halo 5. Halo 5 was actually its own thing. It really tried to put you in the shoes of the spartan. When it came to the helmet hud. Or the sounds of the trusters. It had its own identity.

Now we jump to Halo infinite and it’s just a mash up of different concepts everywhere. Drop wall here. Grapple there. Weird armour. None of it feels like “Halo”. I garentee if they released a classic Halo. No modern artstyle. No Sprint. Just straight up classic Halo ripped right out of Halo 2 it would’ve been a massive success. Idk why they gatta follow the trends.

People say that Halo 5 followed the trends. Actually Halo infinite did because no Halo had the grapple before. It was just shoe horned in there.

Every time I play this game it feels like I’m playing a generic shooter with Halo elements


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Nobody I know goes on these fourma. It’s crazy they the few people here think I’m in the minority when I’ve had these exact conversations with hundreds of people and many have my exact opinions.


That’s way out of left field.

Name a Halo that has cat ears and grappling hooks and come back to me


You can either look at new things as bad and detrimental to some expected formula, or as fun and new features to utilize.

The grappling hook is great. I have to imagine the majority of people playing this game kinda agree by now.

Cat ears really aren’t any crazier than Romeo with a severe wound as an unlockable skin and Roman gladiator armors in MCC. It’s really just a hatred for a perceived group “who would buy this sort of thing!”


By that same token though, there’s plenty of people I know and just as many randos who seem to favor the current return to form to the gameplay, albeit with justifiable critcism to features such as the microtransactions.

Drop Wall and Grapple were obviously rooted back to equipment when it was first introduced in Halo when we had Bubble Shields and Thrust and Sprint was a Reach thing long before 5 came around with the Grapple in particular being universally accepted as being a pretty neat, fun addition.

The cat ears, yeah, sure, not my thing but whatever. Not like we didn’t have a few odd things like the Hayabusa armor.

Felt like a return to Halo for me when I played with the Flights, both my brother and brother-in-law were really felt like they were playing Halo again.

My biggest complaint right now is how 343 needs to hurry up from their holiday break and get back to fixing the current issues and making it better.

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https://forums.halowaypoint.com/t/infinite-update-list-must-read/485974 Let’s vote

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I really need to understand what this “return to form” people are talking about.

Litterally every other Halo except Halo 5 you couldn’t clamber or slide.

In every other Halo we never had equipment that infinite has.

Never had the grapple.

The maps are almost all 3 lanes. Nothing special like Halo 3s high ground.

So what exactly is return to form when the game doesn’t even have collison. It has forced outlines AND it barely has any classic weapons. No carbine. No smg.

This is a generic shooter with a Halo skin


The grappling is hook is obviously fun. Who doesn’t like swinging like spider man.

That’s the porblem with it tho. There shouldn’t be fun things added to the game for the sake of fun. It should fit the game and the series. The thruster pack on your spartan was enough. There was no need to remove it and push it to the side in order to make room for equipment.

If the grapple is “fun” then so is riding a horse. I should be able to ride a horse in halo. I should be able to drive a super car in halo. You see how that doesn’t make sense?.

The thruster pack was as far as it should’ve went because the thruster pack is actually part of the lore.


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Halo lost it’s identity

2010 is calling. It wants its tag line back.

Seriously where have you been the last 11 years? Saying in 2021 that Halo lost its identity is less meaningful than saying water is wet :rofl:


As much as I love the Halo 3 multiplayer, it feels a bit slow and outdated nowadays.

I think Infinite does a lot if things right (gameplay wise I mean…)
Keeping the classic Halo fell and the holy trinity of shooting, melee and grenades. But in a more modern way as Halo 3 for example with the new additions. The commando rifle is still very weird for me and I only pick it up when there isn’t any other weapon nearby.

But isn’t every video game changing compared to their previous titles?


Halo Infinite is a mutt of a game, taking concepts from Titanfall, Destiny, Fortnite, and other popular titles, kitbashing it all with Halo Wars 2 into one big game, and trying to pass it off as a free2play/pay2collect game, but without the ability to destroy unwanted items for currency back. While it all sounds pretty on paper, the reality is that all aspects of it are scuffed, you just have issues and bad feedback coming in from every direction.

There was no single idea in mind, no single plan. 343 divided this puzzle piece mutt of a project into multiple teams between their 700 employees, and had terrible communication between each other and their overseers for the last 2 years as well. Have a billion dollars out the window, and here is where we are.

No idea where it went wrong, but I’d like to bet it went downhill the minute they realized Slipspace wasn’t going to be the engine they boasted about all those years ago. Either that or it’s rough to keep the game optimized for Xbox One, when in 10 years, PC will be 20x stronger than the Xbox One. Should have just been for PC and Xbox X, but they needed to milk that shop before they pull a Destiny and discontinue support for Xbox One, like what happened with Xbox 360 not being able to keep up with PC and Xbox One.

The game is fun and has a ton of potential, but man will it take time. Years even. Forge can’t come soon enough.


I feel this to my core. Before Infinite, my game was MCC. I could play it for hours getting that sweet, sweet CE, H2, and H3 nostalgia. After the first Infinite flight ended, I went back and literally couldn’t play it. It was so damn slow.

Now to address OP’s point, if you want to play H2 and H3, go to the MCC. If they keep churning out the same game year after year, it will get stale. They have to make changes to keep the modern gamer interested. Look at COD. After MW2 and Black Ops, they stuck with that formula and ran it right into the ground. They have only just recently pulled themselves back out of it with Warzone, and look at that game’s success. And guess what? It’s a mash-up of COD and Fortnite. COD would be nothing right now if they hadn’t pulled from Fortnite’s Battle Royale playbook.

I love that Halo has evolved. Why would they not draw inspiration from the top games out right now? They took some of the best parts of other games, and added their own Halo spin to them. And it works. Most of the peiople who play this game all agree that this is the best (from a pure gameplay perspective) that Halo has been in years.


So you say, the combat has evolved? :grin:

I absolutely agree with you.


I can never understand you, because one post you say “equipment should be weapons” and the next you say “return to Halo”.

Drop wall is literally modified bubble shield, I personally think the grapple was well incorporated and benefits the game overall, Halo 4 had weird armors, Halo 5 had weird armors, Fotus, Recluse, the Oceanic one, heck, MCC literally threw in a viking, legit spartan (not like Achilles, mind you), Templars, and a plague doctor mask… Halo is trying new things, not all successful, but infinite has been keeping more in theme than MCC, 4 and MAYBE 5 has.

Again, Halo is trying new things, equipment wasn’t a thing before Halo 3, now look at it, Equipment is essentially expected, and it’s not like Grapple Hooks are a fortnite exclusive idea.
Actuve camo is now classified as equipment, and they changed how it works too, again, for what I think is the better, just because it’s not like Halo 3 doesn’t mean it’s not Halo.

Halo 2 remastered you mean? Taking 3 steps back does not garuntee success, I’d honestly be disappointed with a cowardly tactic like that, especially after the success of Reach, and you know people would be asking why they removed things like Sprint and clamber, I don’t know why you’d want something like clamber removed anyway.

If you see one simple connection between games, and have a hard time differentiating a BATTLE ROYALE from an Arena Shooter, then I worry for you, heaven forbid you ever realize that multiple games have assault rifles too.


WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! My world is shattered. Everything I know is wrong
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