Halo Loot Crate Queries

I Subscribed to the 12 month Halo loot crate the other day and i was wondering do I get the previous crates that have been released if not then does anyone know what ill get instead. Thanks.

You won’t get any of the previous crates I’m afraid, you will get all future crates from the point you signed up though. The next Crate I believe is Crate 5 - The Great Schism. There is a possibility to get old crates from the LootVault, just need to keep an eye out: http://vault.lootcrate.com

Okay many thanks for your help. I ordered the banished one the other day but it was quite expensive. Also I got a reply from their customer support but they suggested that its going to be more than 6 crates in total and that “There is no set end date of crates for this term presently” so I assume they’re going to keep making them.

Yep, I was quite pleased to hear that the crates would the past the initial 6 crate run. Can’t wait to see what’s coming. Just got my banished crate last week, getting very good use out of the items so far :smiley:

oh WOW that’s great i wish I subscribed earlier but didn’t have enough money first world problems hey. But I have to say I’m seriously looking forward to getting my first crate and to see what they bring out in the future once again thanks for your help.