Halo Logs

So, I have been in a UNSC group on Roblox for a while now. What do you guys think about Halo in Roblox? Right now I am a Military Police Section Commander in the UNSC. I have been serving in this UNSC for about 8 months now. We are recruiting people.

You need an account first, so feel free to sign up!

So, yeah, I have been in it for quite some time. The guns are so close to the actual guns in the games. The scripts and designs in Roblox have come far.

Yeah, update. The people in the UNSC are not very active around this time. Most of the times it is very active.

Alright, for all those Moderators out there looking at this, I’m not spamming. this is a log for the UNSC’s progress on Roblox. There is Halo on Roblox so it is related. I am just scared to get banned.

Another log. It seems that some of our members are going to other UNSC’s. I am not sure if they are raiding or having a meeting. I haven’t checked.

Alright. I just checked. They are raiding. I watched for a little bit and saw that our UNSC was better than theirs. Our training is prestige, the best of the best, but not Spartans. We have Spartans but they are corrupt. Some people don’t even go through the training that I went through but failed. Very corrupt.

Log, well, there were 2 people on Mars when I was on, just checked to make sure that they weren’t raiding.

Well, I think that I will be in this UNSC for quite some time. I actually enjoy the work.

Log, it still seems that the group is inactive.

Still, I am the Director of the group Crimson Oath. My Section Commander is catthebomb.

My scientists are working hard on creating the Spartans from my two subjects.

They are very close to finding the answers. I am sure that Dr. Halsey will not find out about what I am doing.

I have some custom ONI/Spartan armors in my inventory. One of them is really cool, it is red and has a SMG and a knife attached to it.

I also have many other Spartan/ONI armors.

I have on E.O.D armor set and also some cool ODST armor.

I also have some UNSC vehicles. Pelicans, Frigates, Warthogs, you name it. I have mostly all of them.

Hmm, It seems that I don’t have a space station.

I will see to it that I get a space station. I might also need a spy tool.

So, now it appears that all the high ranks shouting on the group shout are complaining about the lack of activity, even though they themselves are not online and patrolling Mars.

Sometimes, I wonder how those people got corrupt, I want to know their origins.