Halo Logo for 2 seconds then nothing (PC)

Just bought the game and I’m seriously pissed off.
Worked fine just after the (first) install. Then the next day I got some stupid error about not owning the game and “good” news for me, the only way to fix the stupid error was to re-download and install the game again!

So anyway, I let the install run over night. I pretty much forgot about it for a week and then came back and decided I’d have a go on the game I just paid good money for. Only to be greeted by a Halo logo for a few seconds and that’s it. So after reading this forum and other websites and finding no solutions, I decided to once again just reinstall the damn thing and try again. It’s lucky I have unlimited internet, because this game isn’t small and stupidly, the install files are not saved for some reason.

So, does anyone want to guess what the result of my now third install was? about 2 seconds of a Halo logo.I don’t know about you, but 50gbs is a lot for one picture. Here I was assuming the game was supposed to have substance…

I skipped out on Halo 5 and MCC because I heard the horror stories, but I’m an RTS fan and I was glad to hear HW2 was on PC. I guess I should have done more research before buying. Apparently my i7 4790K and GTX 970 graphics card are completely incapable of loading this game more than once.I either want my game to work reasonably, or a full, no hassle refund. I don’t have money to blow on crap that doesn’t work.