Halo Limited : Ultimate Emblem Edition

I really hope that future weekly’s get altered, earning this same emblem time and time again is just awful.

I feel like there have been 3 or 4 items I was actually interested in getting…

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Myself and others have already beaten this topic to death. I don’t blame you though, it is an absolute joke.

We should at the very minimum be getting dope armor pieces for the ultimate reward. Because you’ve got to figure most of the population isn’t going to grind through all of those challenges to get it.


Gotta hammer the point.

I also felt really inspired for my thread title lmao.

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What’s baffling to me is that sketch himself has already noted how ridiculous it is to grind all week for an emblem. He said this EARLY December. And here we are over a month later still grinding all week for a lame emblem. The only explanation for this is that they literally have nothing else in the pipe to put as a weekly reward. So lame