Halo limited collectors edition CHESS SET

There needs to be mor real collectors items for the halo universe.
Given the story behind halo and making the halo themed risk, it would be relevant to make a very cool chess set.
Three factions to play, covenant+brutes, unsc+elites, and the flood
All with crazy detailed and fully colored unique brass/nickle/porslyn pieces. And no character should be the same all unique in their own way.
Of course all comes with one sweet eye appealing chess board.

I don’t know about you but I’d pay 100s of dollars for that.
Definitely should be a project for collector items.

I’ve always wanted more Halo related games like this and Chess would be fantastic :slight_smile: That an Monopoly, could have some fun with that :smiley:

I was kinda hoping you would suggest the chess set featured in Foward Unto Dawn, but yours works too.

2 years later, still not one chess set on the market… seeing how this has been a thing since Halo Combat Evolved came out and way less popular communities have managed to obtain a chess set. i’m actually i little ticked off with how they decided to ignore the audience. has anyone heard any other word?? if not think its time they allow someone the rights to create an amazingly sought after collectible that has literally had a lot of interest for more than a decade now.

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Please don’t revive old threads, thanks! If you’re posting in a thread and know it’s old, just create a new thread.

Happy Haloing!